It’s Just A Little Wet!!

Well, here we are. Just a week away from my 10th Pan Ohio Hope Ride. You all know me. I live to ride. I also ride to live. 15 years ago, I dedicated part of my life to riding a bike and fighting cancer.

During this journey and fight, I have seen my share of victories, but sadly, that is always tempered by defeat. I have lost many to this disease and I have seen many of my friends and loved one’s suffer the same as I.

The one thing I have never seen is a loss of hope. Of courage. Of “I got this shit and I am going to win.”

My journey over the last 15 years has been one of eye opening truth’s and heart warming success stories. It has also brought me into a beautiful community where we all have common goals and believe’s. I love the cycling community.

I have been asked repeatedly over the past week if I ever ride in the rain. The reason being is that many know I am going on a bike ride and they wonder. It’s okay. I would ask the same question if I were in their shoes.

Answer: Yes. I ride in the rain. I ride in the wind . I ride. Why?
Because to not ride would be a bail out on what I fight for. Those with cancer can not choose to ride or not, so why should I get that luxury? Think about it.

So given the choice…I choose the rain. FYI, one of my favorite R.E.M. songs…

If you feel like joining the fight, you can donate here::

Enjoy one of my favorite bands and songs!