Here We Go!

We have arrived safely in San Diego. This is the starting point for the coast to coast ride that will officially start on Saturday morning.

We arrived on Wednesday after 8 hours of airports and airplanes. But we did get here.

After a morning of chores, we decided to go for a ride and chose to ride to Coronado Island which is the San Diego Bay. We finally made it to the ferry that would take us there after numerous wrong turns and misdirections. That didn’t bother us much because, well, we were on the bike and we were not on a schedule.

We made it to Coronado to have lunch and then it was back to the hotel. On they way back we played in traffic for awhile. I do have to say, San Diego is a very pretty city and very bike friendly.

Star flowers in bloom

Oh, by the way. Add California to the list of states I have ridden in!