C2C Day 3

“After 2 brutal climbing days in the cold and rain, we finally had what was a “recovery” ride. We had just climbed over 8000 feet over 3 mountains in Southern California, and now we were going from Jacumba Hot Springs, California to Calexico, California, a distance of 51 miles and it is mostly downhill and flat.

The day started with a small climb out of Jacmba followed by the first downhill of the day. It just happened to be a 4000 foot decent that lasted 8 miles at 6% grade. You could easily gotten the bike up to 50 mph if you wanted to. I didn’t. And that decision may have saved my life. Oh, add in the 20 mph crosswinds that threaten to push you over the edge of the mountain extra fun bonus.

You see, about 2/3 of the way down this mountain of terror, I decide to have a flat just to add to the terror factor. Fortunately it was a rear flat. Had it been the front, I don’t think I would be writing this post right now. None the less, a flat while traveling at 30 mph is not a good thing.

I was able to keep the bike upright despite fishtailing all over and brought the bike to a stop after about a hundred yards and got the bike to the side of the road. A major bike handling feat if you ask me.

After I was able to calm myself down, because I was truly terrified, I began taking off the tire to change the flat. As I began to get the tire off, my hand slipped and I somehow sliced my index finger giving me a very bloody mess. Talk about adding insult to injury. Or maybe the other way around.

Hurt a little bit

As I was bandaging my finger so I didn’t bleed over the entire mountain, a couple of my fellow cyclists stopped and helped me change the tire. I then rolled into the rest stop and got proper first aid. After getting cleaned up, we continue on the ride.

We now rolled into the Yuha Desert. Talk about a whole new world! But has with the first two days of the ride, the scenery is breathtaking.

As we got close to Calexico, I managed to crash the bike. The bike is okay. Me, well I have some road rash to keep my finger company. So much for the recovery ride! Tomorrow we head for Yuma, Arizona.

Now a bonus for those two people who actually read this post to this point. (Thanks by the way) My garmin watch helped me get up a mountain yesterday. As I was struggling up a 5 mile climb, my watch decided to tell me to move. As if. But it did make me laugh and helped me keep going up that mountain.