C2C — Days 4&5

Sunset in Dateline, Arizona

So for those following along at home, we finished Day 5 of the C2C in Dateline, Arizona. It was a nice ride that took us from yesterday’s stop, Yuma, Arizona. We started Day 4 in Calexico, California.

While we were in Calexico, we stayed at a mission school that has 80% of the students cross the border of Mexico, which is just across the street from the school, in order to go to school. As part of a fundraiser for the 7th grade class, the students fix and serve us dinner and breakfast, all of which was wonderful and pretty cool.

Yummy breakfast

After breakfast, we departed for Yuma. So we are now in the second state of our journey. At this point, I would like to report that I haven’t had any life threatening experiences on the bike for the last two days. I am good with that. No, really, I am!

We have entered a whole new world in the last two days. We are in the dessert. A big difference from the mountains. The dessert has beauty also. And great vastness. Around the Yuma area, it becomes America’s salad bowl.

Broccoli and more broccoli

Everything is grown in this area. Romaine, kale, parsley, iceberg, peppers, onions, garlic and BLT’s. Okay just kidding about the last one. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Spectacular to ride through.


After that, just dessert. We have been told to not expect to see any green for the next two weeks. That is hard to grasp, but I am looking forward to seeing it.

The Players

I want to switch gears for moment and introduce the main players in this on going saga so when I say we, you know whom I am referring. Of course, there are 43 riders total and 13 staff, so there are many “we”, but the two guys in the picture above are the main guys. Besides my handsome self in the middle, I am flanked by Ken Hess on the right and Gregg Gerber on the left. It is the three of us who agreed to do this ride together last August and all of us have been training since then to make this happen.

The three of us met 10 years ago during our inaugural Pan Ohio Ride in 2009. We became good friends and along with three other people, formed the now famous six pack riding team. One of the first things we ever talked about was our collective dream of a coast to coast ride. And now we are here.

I am not saying that there won’t be other players in this story, as a matter of fact, there already are, but those are stories. But I wanted to share the genesis.

On our way to Gila Bend, Arizona tomorrow.