C2C Week One In Review.

Wheels Deep

It all started with a little dip. In the rain and cold of San Diego, we dipped our rear tire ito the Pacific Ocean and our adventure began. After months of training, we were off and for the next eight days, we would be on our bikes rolling through varied terrain. It would be an exciting week.

Day 1

We would leave San Diego and then start to climb. It rained most of the day and climbed most of the day as well including a 5 mile climb into Alpine, California. We would be shuttled to our hotel in Jacumba, California to spend the night.

61 degrees for the high. 37.58 miles. 3684 ft of climbing.

Planking on the second mountain

Day 2

This day started with a huge climb, followed by another big climb. Fortunately there were downhills that followed. And they were cold. It varied from 40 degrees to 60 degrees. Not that I am a pro cyclist, but I have a much better appreciation of how they sweat their ass off climbing and then freeze on the way down. Ended on a nice down hill into Jacumba where we would spend the night again.

50 degrees, 44.88 miles, 4423 ft climbing, rain.

Day 3.

Starting in Jacumba, we had a slight uphill. Then went downhill. This was covered in a previous post. Go find it. I’ll wait.

Welcome back!

Okay, the rest of the day was uneventful and we entered the dessert. They plot off sections of the dessert and set up irrigation and, boom, farms growing everything you can think of. Beautiful.

Also stayed in Calexico, California in a school right on the border. Fascinating.

68 degrees, sunny, 922 ft climbing, 14.5mph ave

Flat Emily and I checking out produce.

Day 4

We left Calexico and headed for the dessert again. Our lunch stop was at a place called “The Center of the Earth”. This had a hodgepodge collection of granite memorials, pyramids, a church on top of whole lot of steps and a concrete maze. One stop amazement if you ask me. We ended the day outside of Yuma, Arizona at a national guard armory.

60 degrees, 64.77miles, 981 ft climbing

Day 5

We started the day in Yuma. We almost immediately found ourselves in Dome Valley, also known as the salad bowl of America. Over the last century they have teriformed the dessert to a vast farm area. They grow, everything here. Broccoli, peppers, romaine, iceberg, garlic, parsley and on and on. After leaving the salad bowl, we were back into pure dessert. Mainly flat traveling. It was also our first night camping as we ended the day in Dateline, Arizona.

68 degrees, 70.47 miles, 837 ft climbing q

They will let anyone in this town.

Day 6

A pretty flat day as we were on the interstate most of the day from Dateline to Gila Bend. Riding on the interstate is legal if you don’t have any other options. It also has a wide shoulder, so I felt safe all day. Pretty easy day. Another camp night.

68 degrees, 53.97 miles, 627 ft climbed.

Day 7

This would be our longest day so far but also one of the easiest. It was cold, but we were blessed with a strong tailwind. As a result, we were flying down the road. We clicked off the miles pretty fast. We like these kind of days.

55 degrees, 87.27 miles, 1306 ft climbing.

Day 8

We began the day in Casa Grande and we would be a beautiful ride into north Tucson. Some climbing but the natural beauty of the surrounding kept me awestruck most of the day. We would end the ride in Catalina State Park under the impressive Copper Mountain, so named because as the sun set, the top of the mountain shined in a copper hue. It would also be our coldest camping night as it dropped below 40. Brrrr.

52 degrees, 56.9 miles, 1526 ft climbing.

Day 9

Rest day at Catalina. What do you do on a rest day? Walk 2 miles to Walmart.

So that is week one. We get back on the bikes again on Monday to start week 2!