C2C — The Saga Continues

Yes, that is snow…

Okay, I never said this was going to be easy. When we first started training for this, I could not imagine how hard this could be. This week has proven to us all, that the training payed off and you can overcome extreme challenges.

Monday’s ride after the day off was just supposed to be a warmup. It turned into 35 miles of very nice paved trail, but hell of a headwind. We knew Tuesday would be hard. But none of us envisioned that. It rained. It was 40 degrees. We had to climb mountains. We had a tremendous headwind. You had it all. Extremes. As you were climbing for miles at 6 to 9 % grade, you were sweating. Turn a corner, hit the wind full force, you were freezing. This went on for 35 miles.

Fortunately, we were rewarded for our hardships as the last 35 miles were downwind and some downhill.

Wednesday would find us in the same scenario. Headwinds, cold and climbing another mountain. This mountain would take us over the continental divide. The climb took us 6400 ft above sea level. It was also a 8 mile climb maxing out at 12% grade at the top. And it was snowing just to add a little excitement.

With Flat Emily at the continental divide

The next 35 miles were awesome as we went down the mountain and had the wind at our back. I am grateful for that. I’m not sure I would have made it otherwise.

Today was a recovery ride. Just 55 miles, little climbing and a tailwind. Thank God!!! I am beginning to realize that it is going to take a few miles for my legs to get going.

All and all, it’s been great. We are indeed pampered riders and all I have to do is pack my stuff and then ride my bike with Flat Emily in my pocket. Good times.