C2C — Observations

Flat Emily in a prickly situation

It has been two weeks since we first dipped our wheels in the Pacific Ocean. that thought is amazing to me. At this point, we have had 13 riding days and 2 rest days with today being our second rest day. To date, we have ridden 759.60 miles of road through varying terrain and weather. We have climbed 5 mountains including the western continental divide. We have zoomed through valleys and canyons. We have suffered through flats and mechanicals. We have made it through 2 weeks with 5 more to go.

Bubba’s tent city.

Did you notice I kept saying we in that last paragraph? There is a reason for that. This group of separate and dynamic personalities from across the nation and even one from Germany and one from Canada, has melded into a family. Also throw in the staff to the mix because they are just a part of this adventure as the riders. We are one now. We all know on another. We don’t always hang out together or ride together, but there is a mutual respect for one another. And we all look out for one another. You can feel the bond. Family.


On a tour like this, it’s all about the food. It almost becomes an obsession. During the ride you are burning a huge amount of calories daily. It is very hard to replace the calories no matter how much you eat. And you eat a lot. We have our own chef with us on the tour and she feeds us very well. But the hunger is always there. I am usually hungry again after just a couple of hours of eating. And I order what ever I want when we are out. I’m not worried about calories.

The ride has been beautiful. It doesn’ matter the location, always something new to awe about. Blooming flowers in the desert. Mountain ranges that stretches forever. They also seem so close that you think you can reach out from the bike and touch them. However, they are ten’s of miles away. The vastness of the desert can take your breath away. Miles and miles of sand, scrub brush and cactus. And each desert can be different with differing plants and cacti. Never that I would ever see this in my life.

Hugs and kisses.

Bottom line so far. We are in great hands. Bubba and the staff go out of their way to take care of us. Above and beyond. The comraderie of the riders is a joy to be a part of. The joking, the kindred spirit, the feeling that you belong to a special group.

The actual riding and the feeling of accomplishment. I am not sure what day I truly realized that I really am going across the country on a bike, but I really feel it now. And it only goes to motivate me more. Each day is just another step towards that goal. And I look forward to each new step.