The Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list.  I am not an exception.  Of course my bucket list has or had many cycling adventures on the list.  I am sure you are shocked by that.  Not all are cycling related,but most are.

Circumventing Lake Erie was high on my list.  I was able to accomplish that 2 years ago and thus I was able check that one off the list.  Hiking the Grand Canyon is still on the list.  As is visiting Normandy, France and also the Vatican in Rome, Italy.  See, I told you it wasn’t all about cycling!

But I have to admit, the number one thing on my list is to cycle coast to coast.  I am happy to announce that I will be able to check this off my list in a few months.

Beginning in March of 2019, I will begin an adventure that will take me and 40 of my new best friends from San Diego, California to St Augustine, Florida.  We will cross thru the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida on a journey that take 52 days to complete.

I am blessed that I am able to try to accomplish this goal and it will take a lot of hard work to make it happen.  I started spinning classes about a month ago to keep in cycling shape and also to improve my cardiovascular system.  I have averaged about three classes a week and can feel the improvements already.  I will still try get out and ride the real bike, but with Ohio winters, that is always a challenge with the darkness and all.

Many of you may think I have lost my mind to take 2 months and cycle across America.  But I think I am lucky to have the opportunity.  Besides, you got to try to finish your bucket list with the days you are given in this life.

TOSRV 2018

I am signed up and ready to go for TOSRV 2018.  Okay, I might not be quite ready to go just yet.  I might need a few training rides before I take on the two day, 210 mile challenge route that is TOSRV.  For me though, this is the grand-daddy of all the rides I do.  I know it isn’t a charity ride.  I know it isn’t much in the grand scheme of things as I ride for.  But it does have the most history.

This is the first organized ride I ever did.   And what a ride that was.  It was a whirlwind of tornado warnings and hail, pinging off my helmet.  Rain and discomfort, and finally 100 miles of satisfaction knowing I can cycle this route.

Since then I have done 13 successful TOSRV’s.  I have braved weather elements.  I have peddled through many of storms and rain showers.  Cold and wind are things that mark my memories of the ride.

But the real reason I do this ride and, for that matter, all rides that I do, is inspired by my mother.

You see, in 2001, my mother called me and told me that he was going to buy a bike and do this ride, TOSRV.  At the time, I was a pack a day smoker, habitual couch potato, and general doubter.  So I laughed at her.  “What ? Are you crazy?”

It wasn’t a mere two months after this that we learned that she had lung cancer.

It was then that I decided that I would ride TOSRV for her.  And I did.  I called her every chance I got during the first couple of rides I did for her.  After that…well, I remember.

This is an important ride.  It is still the reason I ride.  I remember well.


Let The Rebuilding Begin!!

I am slowly rebuilding the blog.  As I mentioned earlier, I did save most of the stories I wrote to hard drive so over the next few weeks, I will add them to the site again.  Today’s installment brings us “Pan Ohio 2009”  This is the story of my first Pan Ohio and the formation of The Six Pack Team.  Hard to believe this was almost ten years ago!  And, it is a pretty good story.  I think it captures my emotions of the time pretty well.  I have also cycled a few more miles since then.

So look over at the sidebar and you will find the link to the story.  I hope you enjoy.